International Women’s Day has its roots in the Suffragette Movement fighting for women to have the right to vote. Nowadays the day not only celebrates the achievements of women, but highlights continued efforts to achieve equality for women socially, culturally, politically and economically.

Jewellery is inextricably linked to key personal occasions- an engagement, significant birthday, wedding anniversary or a notable achievement such as a university graduation. These gifts are a pleasure to give and receive and often become heirlooms and pieces of great sentimental value.

However, to be restricted to only acquiring jewellery by way of a gift is limiting and outdated. It is time to re-define our mindset.

Women are increasingly financially independent. We buy our own clothes, handbags and shoes, so it is natural that an article as personal as jewellery is also of interest when defining our sense of style.

We are not suggesting that there is no place for giving and receiving jewellery as a gift- these are often moments that illicit enormous emotion and treasured memories. We just shouldn’t be confined to it.

For a woman to be truly independent requires financial independence. The freedom to make decisions without being shackled by financial reliance on a partner. True financial liberty means being able to pay all the essential bills, and have enough left over to plan for your future and reward yourself for your hard work. Buying your own jewellery is the ultimate sign of success, liberty, of emancipation- of freedom.

The attainability of financial independence can be overwhelming for some, and require education and planning. Feeling confident managing money is an essential skill. If you would welcome becoming more conversant in financial terminology and becoming better educated in managing your personal finances, Michelle Manuel from Her Wealth IQ is ideally positioned to provide support and direction.

If you are require wealth management advice, then Eloise Hammond from SeventySeven Wealth Management provides holistic wealth planning which includes managing capital and tax planning for successful and entrepreneurial women.

As women have become increasingly financially independent, they are enjoying disposable income which they can direct towards personal, luxurious items. Women buy their own shoes, handbags and clothes- so should also feel at liberty to indulge in self-purchasing jewellery.

Jewellery is inextricably linked with significant and personal occasions (or achievements), so it is natural that it is very often gifted. And this is wonderful. Who would deny that wonderful sense of anticipation when presented with an unopened jewellery box?

However, it would be constraining to feel  confined to only receiving jewellery as a gift. It is time to feel empowered to acquire your own pieces. We have a client who rewards herself with a piece of jewellery with each promotion. Others like to direct some of their bonus towards a piece of jewellery as a visible reminder of what they have achieved throughout the year.

Jewellery is a language, a form of expression which conveys messages about us in a very personal way. Each person has their unique jewellery voice which isn’t necessarily static- it often changes and develops over time as tastes and personal circumstances change. It is entirely possible that you have different jewellery for different occasions.

Great jewellery reflects the essence of the person wearing it. Refining your personal brand includes choosing jewellery which projects an image which is compatible and consistent with how you wish to be perceived.

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Unlike the Garden of Eden, we actively encourage temptation…