The Importance of Jewellery Boxes

Irrespective of the size of your jewellery collection, your treasured pieces deserve a safe and secure home to protect them from loss or damage.

There are a couple of reasons why jewellery boxes are important. They encourage jewellery to be stored in a central location, which reduces the chances of losing it or forgetting where it has been placed. They allow you to better organised your collection.

More importantly, serious jewellery lovers appreciate that the primary purpose of a well crafted jewellery box is to separate pieces, preventing them damaging each other. Diamonds, the hardest known natural substance will scratch all other gem materials, including other diamonds. If left loose with other pieces over a period of time, they will eventually cause permanent damage. Pearls have a lustrous, soft surface which requires particular care. They absolutely MUST be separated from other pieces of jewellery at all times.

What should you consider when selecting a jewellery box?

Take an objective look at your existing jewellery collection. What jewellery category do you have the most of? Necklaces? Earrings? Rings? This will guide you on the layout which suits you best.

If rings are your sweet spot, then opt for a box which offers multiple ring rolls. The rolls separate rings allowing you to view them easily with the head of the ring visible- but keeping them protected.

If you love layering necklaces, then it’s important to separate them to avoid chains tangling and knotting. In this case, individual necklace hooks and a pocket are indispensable.

For earring lovers, there are either earring tabs for storing studs, or compartments for separating larger earrings, such as interchangeable drop earrings. So if you have multiple piercings, you are not constrained and have lots of options.

Flexible, articulated bracelets should be stored in larger compartments, and larger, rigid bangles can be stored in a zip pouch.

Most modern jewellery boxes have been intelligently and flexibly designed with a removable, smaller box which is the perfect travelling companion for safely storing jewellery when on the move.


wolf marrakesh jewellery box
wolf caroline jewellery box

If your jewellery collection is modest, or you simply need something to safely and securely store your treasured possessions when travelling, the same considerations noted above apply, but on a smaller scale. Prioritise what layout you need according to the jewellery you own.

medium travel jewellery case
zipped jewellery case

All our jewellery cases are hand crafted by Wolf, a company established in 1834 and reknowned for producing beautifully hand crafted jewellery boxes and cases, watch boxes, watch rolls, watch winders and safes.

All Wolf jewellery boxes are lined with their famous LusterLoc™ fabric, which absorbs gases responsible for tarnishing. Under typical conditions, it can prevent tarnishing for up to 35 years!

The heritage of the brand ensures attention to detail in production of the boxes, which can also be an ideal gift for someone who loves jewellery.

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If you need some guidance in finding the right jewellery box for your needs, please contact us for assistance.