Spring jewellery

Today is the spring equinox in the northern hemisphere. The centre of the sun is directly over the equator, and daylight and night time hours are equal. This heralds the beginning of a new season.

Spring, the most optimistic of all seasons has arrived. Following a long, soulless winter, the days slowly lengthen, new life emerges, colour re-appears, flowers are in bloom, birdsong is joyful and persistent and the air becomes fragrant.

This is a visceral reminder of new beginnings- the cycle of life. The famous Finnish architect, Alvar Aalto, once said “Humans belong to nature as much as pines and birches do”. So it comes as little surprise that the spring edit is a celebration of organic motifs.

gold turtle pendant
moi et toi diamond ring
18k gold stretch bracelet
white gold diamond leaf ring
rose gold ear crawlers
lapis lazuli stone necklace
pink opal necklace
rose gold bumble bee earrings
butterfly turquoise necklace
diamond clover bracelet
wide yellow gold ring

Spring jewellery

Jewellers have always taken inspiration from the natural world. In fact, the first rudimentary pieces of jewellery adorning humans WERE nature- stones, wood, bones, shells, coral- anything readily available.

As metal working skills developed, jewellery became more sophisticated and incorporated precious metals and gemstones. The emphasis on quality of design then became more important. Elements from nature, both flora and fauna, have been present in jewellery design ever since.

There is also the tacit appreciation of the inseparable link between jewellery and nature. Every component of a piece of jewellery- the precious metals, the gemstones and organic gem materials (such as pearls and amber) are a gift from our planet, so it is not surprising that motifs and emblems of the world around us serve as inspiration.

The pieces selected for this edit include floral motifs, and elemental plant forms such as a tear shaped leaf. Sometimes symbols are abstract or in the case of the the clover bracelet, a more refined, symmetrical representation.

Animal life also makes an appearance, with the much loved turtle featuring rose cut diamonds. Possibly one of the most unusual pieces are the earrings featuring the hand crafted enamel birds in their gilded cage. Perched over their nest of seed pearls, they are simultaneously exotic and endearing.

Humankind is both dependent upon, and beguiled by nature. It is little surprise that we are spellbound by these motifs and adorn ourselves with jewellery which celebrates the emergence of new life and organic wonder.