Diamonds, Ears and Hearing Aids at Coya Mayfair

Jacqui  co-presented “Diamonds, Ears and Hearing Aids” with Olesja Grant at Private Members’ Club, Coya Mayfair, on Wednesday evening. The talk was presented in two halves: the first half with a jewellery emphasis, and the second half concentrating on ear health.

The focus of Jacqui’s presentation was on ear jewellery. This was a very visual presentation which explored the concept of the language of jewellery- how it has been used throughout history by both men and women to convey power, status, privilege, weath and politics; current key earring trends and how to access them in bold and discrete ways; and the evolution of a bespoke ear clip for Ole from its design to the various stages of production.

Ole then spoke movingly of the shock of unexpectedly losing her hearing, and the toll this took on her mental health. She discussed the ways it affects her every day life, and gave practical tips to members on how to assess their own ear health.

She also explained how Soleja, her solid gold, hand crafted bejewelled snake ear clip helps tell her story, and invites people to discuss hearing related issues in a natural and accessible way.

A short clip of the highlights of the evening is available to view here.

Heartfelt thanks to Lara (Events Manager) and Kasia (Membership Manager) for organising the evening, which formed part of the “Inspired by” series.

The talk took place in the Members’ Lounge, which exudes an inviting and welcoming ambience perfect for intimate discussions. The food and drinks that the club is famous for were predictably outstanding.