A flick through a bridal magazine, wedding website or social media account usually emphasises the bride’s experience on a wedding day. However, let’s not forget that rather important chap hovering in the background and also appearing in the photos…

For those of you who appreciate paying attention to the small details and go the extra mile, customised cufflinks for grooms offers an opportunity to put the finishing touches on the entire bridal party.

Customised cufflinks can achieve a number of objectives:

  • they can consolidate colours featured in bridesmaid’s gowns and groomsmen’s ties/cravats;
  • be a heartfelt wedding day gift from the bride to the groom, which will inevitably become an heirloom;
  • Simple gold cufflinks can be hand engraved with a personal message, inscription, initials or date;
  • they can feature a motif or symbol which is meaningful to the groom or the couple.

The choice is vast. If simplicity is your preference, then chic yellow, rose or white gold cufflinks are discrete and timeless. If colour is on the agenda, then hand crafted enamelled cufflinks can be created- with or without precious stones. As these are hand made to order, you can select any combination of colours that appeals to you.

The cufflinks typically have either a chain or swivel mechanism.

special cufflinks for groom

Acute attention to detail and artisanship is inherent in everything we produce, and we do not subscribe to a disposable culture. Consequently, the cufflinks will last a lifetime and provide enduring pleasure well after the wedding day.

We maintain a small selection of cufflinks in stock. The items featured on this page give an idea of what is possible, and represent an abbreviated sample of the extensive choice and range available. There is enormous scope to personalise cufflinks. Please contact us with any queries- we would be delighted to discuss the options.