Safe travel jewellery

If you’re a sun seeker rather than a snow angel and fancy chasing the winter sun, follow these travel tips to make the most of your break and safeguard your jewellery when travelling:

  • consider pieces which give you flexibility and transform seamlessly from day to night. Hoop earrings with interchangeable drops are a perfect example, as are gold stretchy bracelets.
  • jewellery which layers well provides a range of looks. Consider bracelets and bangles, and necklaces with adjustable lengths.
  • if you experience problems with fiingers or joints swelling in the heat, it is now possible to create  diamond rings and bracelets which expand- they do not conform to a single rigid size. Few jewellery houses possess this expertise. Please get in touch with any enquiries about these innovative pieces.
  • if a ring is susceptible to being a little tight before you depart, it may not be a good choice in warmer climates- it will become too snug.
  • ensure that your jewellery is suitably insured while abroad.


safe travel jewellery
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Above all else, priotise investing in a suitable travel case to protect items when in transit. This is essential to avoid permanent damage. Ideally use a case with a soft interior, or a jewellery roll with compartments. In particular, ensure that diamond jewellery is separated from other jewellery.

The right case for you will depend on your jewellery collection. There are a myriad of sizes and configurations available- some layouts prioritise rings with generous ring rolls, others have multiple necklace hooks or earring tabs. We stock beautiful and intelligently designed boxes hand crafted in the UK lined with the famous LusterLoc™ fabric, which absorbs gases responsible for tarnishing. Under typical conditions, it can prevent tarnishing for up to 35 years.

This simple precaution will help preserve your jewellery while you’re on the move. If you would like advice on choosing the right box for you, just get in touch.

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