British Racing Green Triple Watch Winder


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Gents have their own jewellery obsessions, and this very often includes watches. Time pieces which are so much more than a recorder of time. They become heirlooms. Anyone serious about horology should be equally serious about how they store their watches. A love of watches includes an innate respect and appreciation of engineering, attention to detail and artisanal craftsmanship. Attributes shared by this triple watch winder which has three modules, each boasting their own individual customisable settings. This allows flexibility in meeting the needs of each individual watch- which can vary. For example, some automatic watches (like Patek Philippe) will only wind in a single direction.

Crafted in the UK by jewellery and watch case specialists, Wolf, the case is produced from vegan leather, and each module is set to count precise numbers of rotations. The turns per day (TPD) can be adjusted from 300 to 1,200 (to the nearest 50). This can be doubled by selecting the bi-directional setting. All settings are visible on a discrete LCD display under each module.

Patented lock-in cuffs ‘lock’ your timepiece into the rotator drum for a secure fit. Cuffs are designed with low density foam to accommodate all wrist sizes without putting pressure on the bracelet, and can store timepieces with case sizes up to 52mm.

Design is intelligent as well as handsome. There is storage for an additional four watches under the lid and a removable case for storing a watch when travelling.

The winder can be operated on AC power or a D-Cell/Lithium battery.

The styling of this range is the instantly recognisable and iconic British Racing Green fine grained vegan leather, and features complimentary gold hardware. Available in other sizes, including a single, double, 6pc & 8pc watch winders. Watch storage boxes and rolls are also available and a generous range of colour and style options.

For a more compact watch winder, the Roadster single watch winder is inspired by aged wood dashboards, chrome spoked wheels and glove soft leather. Another option for the motor enthusiast.

Naturally, there are models styled for watch-obsessed women too! The Rose Gold single watch winder with jewellery storage is chic, stylish and compact. Please get in touch for advice or queries on the extensive range of other models in the collection.

Dimensions: 45.09cm L X 19.69cm W X 24.77cm H

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