Caroline Medium Jewellery Case


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Wolf Caroline Jewellery Box

Evoking the charm and nostalgia of the 50’s, the Caroline Medium Jewellery Case is timelessly stylish and immensely practical. Hand crafted from supple diamond quilted leather, this classic jewellery box is the perfect home for your treasured pieces and heirlooms. Intelligent design and meticulous attention to detail has created a jewellery box which can securely store a varied collection of jewellery. Storage includes:

  • 7 ring rolls;
  • 15 separate storage compartments;
  • removable travel case (4 ring rolls and 3 compartments); and
  • full mirror

The layered design and layout of the box provides an extensive and flexible selection of options to centralise and organise your jewellery, ensuring that pieces are stored separately, which prevents them damaging each other. In particular diamonds, if allowed contact with other gem materials, will permanently scratch and damage them- including other diamonds. A jewellery box is the perfect accessory for safeguarding your precious jewellery and heirlooms. The leather is accented with gold hardware.

The abundance of compartments is perfect for versatile jewellery collections, such as interchangeable earrings. They can be stored separately and accessed quickly and easily. Examples of interchangeable earrings include peridot and rubellite pears, lavender spinel trilliants and large baroque pearls. There is infinite choice with this flexible jewellery, and these jewel boxes make storing them a doddle.

All Wolf jewellery boxes are lined with their famous LusterLoc™ fabric, which absorbs gases responsible for tarnishing. Under typical conditions, it can prevent tarnishing for up to 35 years!

Established in 1834, Wolf are experts in producing beautifully hand crafted jewellery boxes and cases, watch boxes, watch rolls, watch winders and safes. Their innovative stackable trays offer an infinite range of options for the most discerning jewellery lover and collector. There is a varied collection available to order. If you would like to order an item in the range which isn’t currently listed on the site, please contact us and we would be delighted to source it for you. Delivery is usually within 1-2 business days.

Other generously sized jewellery boxes which offer alternative configurations and styling include the exotic Marrakesh Medium Jewellery Box and the Palermo Large Jewellery Box, both of which have removable travel cases as a standard accessory.

Other smaller travel cases are also available, and are an ideal gift- particularly for any jewellery lover. The Zoe range is romantic and nostalgic, and features floral embroidered velvet. The Maria and Palermo boxes have additional storage compartments and are an excellent choice for more extensive jewellery collections.

Facts & Features

Dimensions: 28.2cm L x 22cm W x 18cm H

Available in Black, Ivory, Red and Rose Quartz.

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