C-Shaped White Pearl & Sterling Silver Earrings


7mm and 9mm button pearl earrings set in sterling silver.

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These white pearl and sterling silver earrings are a contemporary interpretation of pearl earrings. They feature 7mm and 9mm white button cultured river pearls. The smaller pearl sits in the lobe and the larger one nestles below it, giving the impression of floating below. These represent chic, affordable luxury.

Pearls are an organic gem material which is a gift from nature. Their soft iridescent lustre gives an appealing glow to all complexions. Historically, they were rarer and more expensive than diamonds- just look at any art from the Renaissance or the Dutch Golden Age. All the royals and aristocrats were draped in ropes of pearls which were a clear symbol of their power, wealth and privilege. This period pre-dated the evolution of the culturing process, so the only pearls available at that time were natural. Truly rare indeed.

We are now spoilt for choice by advances in the culturing process which produce exceptional quality salt and fresh water pearls with clean skins, luminous lustre and lovely shape. Jewellery which embraces pearls in fresh and contemporary ways keeps them relevant and desirable.

These earrings feature two cultured river pearls- the smaller one set on a post which nestles in the lobe, and a second, larger pearl is suspended just below it. Seemingly floating below the lobe.

A finer form of these earrings is available with round white pearls set in white gold. Alternatively, add a little sparkle with your pearls with the Tear Drop Pearl and Diamond Earrings might be of interest to you.

Alternatively, the single sliding pearl pendant is the simple, chic and modern.

Facts & Figures

Sterling silver

Size of pearls: 7mm & 9mm

Available to order in pink, grey and black pearls (also bi-coloured- which looks fabulous)


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Presentation and Packaging

Beautifully presented in a Jacqui Larsson Fine Jewellery branded hinged gift box.



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