Tahitian Pearl Necklace


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Lustrous, iridescent and wondrous gifts of nature, pearls have been prized for centuries. Before the evolution of cultured pearls, natural pearls were the most coveted of all gems. The body colour of pearls is derived from the lining of the mollusc in which it grows. In the case of Tahitian pearls, the desirable natural dove grey to dark charcoal body colour is produced by the black lipped oyster. Not only famed for their exotic, natural body colour, fine quality Tahitian pearls possess a distinctive secondary overtone which varies from one pearl to the next. Some overtones are particularly desirable.

The Tahitian pearl necklace pictured ranges in secondary colours including pistachio green, aubergine, lilac, peacock blue, silver and a soft bronze. This eclectic range of colours collectively look sublime and creates infinite opportunity to blend with anything and everything in your wardrobe. They are different, but the same. Day or night, they are perfectly at home worn with anything. Jeans to couture. These are the finest gem quality Tahitian pearls. Pearls are graded according to several criteria which include:

  • size: which is expressed in incremental ranges of 0.5mm;
  • shape: there are a variety of shapes available, and in the case of round pearls, a perfect round is prized;
  • lustre: this describes the quality and intensity of surface reflections, and fine pearls dazzle;
  • colour: which includes the primary colour (body colour) and secondary colours (overtone);
  • surface: the surface should be free of blemishes;
  • thickness of nacre: fine quality pearls are grown over several seasons to develop a thick nacre which affects the optical properties of the pearl, including iridescence and lustre.

Pearls are traditionally strung on silk thread, which is knotted between pearls to achieve two key objectives: firstly, if the strand breaks, it limits the loss of pearls. Secondly, it prevents the pearls from rubbing against each other causing damage, thus preserving the nacre. The strand pictured is 18 inches (45cm) long, and the pearls are incredibly tactile- they invite being stroked. You can find more information on the characteristics of fine pearls on our blog.

If you have a soft spot for pearls, other fine quality pearl pieces include Akoya pearl stud earrings (available in a wide selection of sizes, and on either yellow or white gold posts), contemporary c-shaped pearl earrings and interchangeable baroque pearl earrings.

Facts and Figures

Size: 11 – 11.5mm

Length: 18″ (45cm) on knotted silk

Clasp: 11mm diameter 18ct white gold satin ball clasp with flush set brilliant cut diamonds.

Presentation and Packaging

Beautifully presented in a hand crafted wooden box with ivory faux suede lining.

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