Sterling Silver Wellington Boot Cufflinks


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Cufflinks are so much more than an item to secure shirt cuffs- they are an accessory which men can exploit to add some colour, character and individuality to their appearance. They elevate a gents appearance from good to great. Cufflinks can be eccentric, distinctive, contemporary or discrete- but ultimately reflect your unique style. They reveal aspects of your personality, hobbies and interests. These sterling silver Wellington boot cufflinks are beautifully crafted with the finest attention paid to minute details. The shape of the boots is distinctive, and the seams and ridges on the sole are clearly visible. The striking colour can be used to compliment or contrast with a shirt, suit or tie.

Whether enjoying a romp around the countryside, mucking out the horses or enjoying a day’s shooting, the versatile Wellington boot is a staple of the country dweller’s wardrobe. They are indispensable. These colourful sterling silver wellies subtly introduce countryside pursuits to your city attire, a reminder of the joys of nature during the working day.

These are a niche gift which acknowledges and celebrates a love of the outdoors.
Our collection of cufflinks embrace a diverse range of sporting interests including motor enthusiasts, golfcricket, fishing and diving– to name but a few. They also include more radical and eccentric motifs including skulls, jet engines, vikings, animals, motifs for nature lovers and sublime enamel creations. You are literally only limited by your imagination.
Please enquire if you have a specific hobby or interest which is not represented in the Boutique as there will almost certainly be a pair of cufflinks to celebrate it. And if a ready to wear pair is not available, we have artisans who can create a customised pair for you.

In accordance with the Hallmarking Act 1973, the cufflinks are independently hallmarked to verify the sterling silver. It will also bear the Deakin & Francis sponsor’s mark. Hallmarks are a guarantee of authenticity. For more information on understanding hallmarks, please refer to this blog.

Presentation and Packaging

Beautifully presented in a Deakin & Francis cufflink box and giftbag.

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