Medium London Blue Topaz Cocktail Ring with Diamonds


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Cocktails are more than just a drink- they’re a lifestyle. And cocktail rings are more than just a ring- they’re an attitude. A zest for life. They are unapologetically joyful statement rings bursting with colour. And this Medium London Blue Topaz Cocktail Ring is no exception. If you appreciate a well constructed aperitif, a carefully selected glass and garnish, a beautiful dress, striking jewellery and sparkling conversation with friends, then welcome to our world.

Cocktail rings are not limited to evening wear. Although historically they were worn as occasional rings, hi-lo dressing has liberated this mindset and blurred dress code boundaries. They look as perfectly at home with a pair of jeans as with an evening gown. It just comes down to attitude, which they have in spades. These wonderful iconic rings should be worn, admired and loved day and night.

Cocktail rings’ past is as colourful is the gemstones they showcase. Emerging during the hedonistic 1920s prohibition era, speakeasy drinking dens were a magnet for socialising and illicit drinking. It was a time of enormous change when women enjoyed increasing freedoms such as the right to vote, shorter hair and shorter hemlines. And ever since, cocktail rings have been inextricably linked to a sense of fun. The dress code was decadent and glamorous, and the jewellery was designed to match. The bigger the better, and the more colourful the ring, the more colourful the character. They are meant to be noticed. This is statement jewellery at its best. The striking combination of gemstones featured in this cocktail ring is a perfect example of how they continue to be fresh, aspirational and relevant.

This striking London Blue Topaz Cocktail Ring is surrounded by an eclectic multi-coloured halo of blue topaz, cornflower blue iolites and deep coloured green tsavorite garnets. Diamonds are pavé set into the 18ct white gold shank.

These stunning cocktail rings are generally made to order to accommodate personal ring sizes and colour palette preferences. Available in a medium or large size (medium pictured), the choice of colours is varied, and limited only by the availability of stones and budget. If you don’t see a colour palette which resonates with you, no problem. Get in touch with an enquiry, or to schedule an online consultation to discuss your ideas. A selection of images in the gallery illustrates some rings which have been produced to date.

The aesthetic of the ring changes markedly by altering the colour of the setting. A perfect example is the Medium London Blue Topaz Cocktail Ring in Rose Gold– exactly the same configuration of gemstones in a warmer setting. For a fresh, zesty combination of hues, the same ring featuring green Prasiolite with Tourmalines and Sapphires in Rose Gold embraces greens and pinks, and has a sparkle of diamonds in the rose gold shank.

If your attitude is “go big or go home”, the Large London Blue Topaz Cocktail Ring shares the same colour palette of gemstones, but is proportionally larger.

For our US clients, please note that there are no additional duties or taxes when shipped.

Facts & Figures

Dimensions of ring head: 19 x 17mm

Centre London Blue Topaz: 5.97ct, (12 x 10mm)

Tsavorite Garnets: 0.19ct

Small London Blue Topaz: 0.80ct

Small Blue Topaz: 0.49ct

Iolites: 0.42ct

Diamonds: 0.08ct

18ct white gold

Ring size: 52.0

Available to customise with different gemstones, (including diamonds in the shank) and in different coloured gold.


Due to their popularity, we work hard to maintain stock of these items. However, they are largely made to order to ensure correct size and specification for each client. Please enquire for more information.


In accordance with the Hallmarking Act 1973, all our items are independently hallmarked to verify the fineness of the stated precious metal. This is your guarantee of authenticity- insist on this in all your jewellery purchases. For more information on understanding hallmarks, please refer to this blog. All diamonds are certified conflict free.

In celebration of Her Majesty The Queen’s Platinum Jubilee, a new (temporary) hallmark was introduced by the Assay Office on 1st November 2021. The mark recognises her seventy years of service- the first monarch to achieve this milestone. This ring has been hallmarked including this unique commemorative mark.

Presentation and Packaging

Beautifully presented in a Jacqui Larsson Fine Jewellery branded hinged gift box.

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