Jet Turbine Engine Cufflinks


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For true fans of the aviation age who relish the exhilaration of speed, you will adore these Jet Turbine Engine Cufflinks. Minute attention to detail has been made in the design and crafting of these cufflinks. They feature a realistic nose cone, and the double stamped blades sit on micro-bearings which whirl into action when blown on. These lightweight cufflinks have been made from aircraft grade aluminium and are beautifully engineered to the highest standards. There are three finishes available. The polished black rhodium adds depth and drama, The RAF pair are crafted in red and blue, and there is a polished aluminium version.

Well chosen cufflinks can elevate a gent’s appearance from good to great and are the perfect combination of form and function. The diversity of designs means that cufflinks can be eccentric, distinctive, contemporary or discrete- but ultimately the objective is to reflect your personal style. They achieve so much more than simply securing shirt cuffs- they are an accessory which adds colour, character and individuality to your appearance. Cufflinks are jewellery for men which reveals aspects of your personality, hobbies and interests.

Our collection of cufflinks embrace a diverse range of sporting interests including motor enthusiasts, golfcricket, fishing and diving– to name but a few. They also include more radical and eccentric motifs including vikingsskulls, jet engines, animals, motifs for nature lovers and sublime enamel creations. You are literally only limited by your imagination.
Please enquire if you have a specific hobby or interest which is not represented in the Boutique as there will almost certainly be a pair of cufflinks to celebrate it. And if a ready to wear pair is not available, we have artisans who can create a customised pair for you.
Facts & Features

Available in three finishes: Polished Black Rhodium, Brushed Aluminium and RAF Blue & Red.

Presentation and Packaging

Beautifully presented in a Deakin & Francis cufflink box and giftbag

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