9ct Gold Pearl Necklace



Pearls are one of the earliest gem materials used for personal adornment. Lustrous and tactile, they have always featured in jewellery. This simple, fresh and contemporary 9ct Gold Pearl Necklace features a single drilled cultured fresh water pearl, free to slide on a 9ct gold chain.

Prior to the evolution of the culturing process, pearls were extremely rare and considered more valuable than diamonds. Old masters paintings regularly feature royals and aristocrats draped in ropes of resplendent pearls to signify their wealth, status and power. Happily, they are now accessibly priced so we can all appreciate and enjoy them.

Pearls are unique. A gift from nature, they are prized for a number of factors, one of which is iridescence. The surface of a pearl is composed of tiny overlapping plates, and as light diffracts at the edges, it creates this magical optical effect. Pearls are tactile, complement all skin tones and are a pleasure to wear.

Pearls are graded according to several criteria which include:

  • size: which is expressed in incremental ranges of 0.5mm;
  • shape: there are a variety of shapes available, and in the case of round pearls, a perfect round is prized;
  • lustre: this describes the quality and intensity of surface reflections, and fine pearls dazzle;
  • colour: which includes the primary colour (body colour) and secondary colours (overtone);
  • surface: the surface should be free of blemishes;
  • thickness of nacre: fine quality pearls are grown over several seasons to develop a thick nacre which affects the optical properties of the pearl, including iridescence and lustre.

We stock a range of pearl jewellery from good quality entry level pieces, to the finest gem quality pearls available. This includes a Tahitian Pearl Necklace, which showcases magnificent dove grey pearls with a sublime range of secondary overtones. They are blemish free and the colour entirely natural.

A great pair of fine quality Akoya Pearl Stud Earrings is an investment in jewellery that you will enjoy indefinitely. Our collection includes the finest AAA quality ranging in size from 5.0-5.5mm, increasing by 0.5mm incremental steps up until 9.0-9.5mm.

For contemporary pearl ear jewellery, the C-shaped pearl earrings features a pearl which seemingly floats below the ear lobe.

Facts & Figures

9ct gold

45cm chain

9.5mm white fresh water cultured pearl

Available with a white or yellow gold chain.

Note: The composition of pearls is susceptible to damage from mild acids, including perfume and hairspray. It is advisable to avoid direct contact with these products. Pearls can be easily cleaned with a damp, soft cloth.

Presentation and Packaging

Beautifully presented in a Jacqui Larsson Fine Jewellery branded hinged gift box.

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