Yellow Gold Rings

Yellow gold rings are chic.

The soft, warm golden hue provides a wonderful backdrop when creating sublime contrasts with a large range of gemstones, including diamonds.

It is a spectacular choice of setting when partnered with yellow, orange, red or yellowish-green gemstones, as it simultaneously enhances the colour of the stone, whilst being unobtrusive as a setting.

However, one of gold’s strengths is that it requires no other embellishment. A bold, architectural design simply in gold makes a statement.

Rings are typically the jewellery of choice when celebrating key personal occasions- engagements, weddings and significant birthdays and anniversaries.

Always visible, rings are one of the most popular and enduring pieces of jewellery. They are one of the few pieces of jewellery that can be admired and appreciated by the wearer whilst being worn.

Yellow gold jewellery mixes beautifully with white gold items, so can be used imaginatively to create striking contrasts with stacking rings.

We have a varied range of ready to wear yellow gold rings, many of which can be customised. This provides a hybrid between the personalised bespoke service, and accessibly priced ready to wear collections.

Gold has been ever-present in jewellery since metalworking skills developed and became more sophisticated.

Gold has always been valued and revered, and is usually present in modern-day jewellery in 18ct (75%) or 14ct gold (58.3%), and sometimes 22ct gold (91.6%).

Gold is a noble metal, which does not react with the skin.

It has an attractive lustre and warm colour resists tarnishing and is malleable enough to be easily worked, but durable enough to withstand everyday wear (when alloyed with other precious metals).

All pieces are hallmarked in accordance with the 1973 Hallmarking Act.

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