Rose Gold Pendants

Rose gold pendants add some colour, shimmer and sparkle to your neckline.

Varying from talk-of-the-dinner party stylish to timeless chic, the soft, warm hue of rose gold suits almost every skin tone.

Pendants, which include talismans, charms and personalised motifs, can be seamlessly layered with other chains or pendants with ease.

They are an effortless way to express your personality- your unique jewellery narrative.

We stock an extensive and varied range of rose gold pendants.

The subtle rose hue is surprisingly versatile in offering sublime contrasts with a large range of gemstones, creating combinations which truly sing.

It is a spectacular choice of setting when partnered with red, pink or peachy gemstones. As it simultaneously enhances the colour of the stone, whilst being unobtrusive as a setting.

Some of the pendants are soldered to the chain to prevent the clasp sliding to the front and becoming visible.

Other pendants are detachable.

Almost all the chains conveniently offer adjustable lengths, which is perfect for layering.

Rose gold jewellery mixes beautifully with white gold items, so if you favour layering necklaces, you can create striking contrasts by experimenting with size, colour, texture and shape.

Rose gold emerged in the 19th century. Carl Fabergé, a renowned jeweller to the Russian tsars, featured rose gold in his famous Fabergé Eggs.

Consequently, rose gold was often referred to as “Russian Gold”. Its subtle blush tone has continued to steadily gain popularity ever since.

Rose gold does not occur naturally.

It is an alloy containing a combination of gold, copper and often a little silver, to give it colour and strength.

Depending on the choice of metals and their concentration, the resultant rose gold can come in a variety of hues ranging from a strong reddish tint, so a soft warm, peachy shimmer.

All pieces are hallmarked in accordance with the 1973 Hallmarking Act.

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