Moonstone jewellery

Captivated by the moon

You had to be a hardy star gazer to brave the sub zero temperatures to glimpse the “Super blood wolf moon” which made an appearance in the early hours of this morning in the northern hemisphere. This rare celestial event was a gorgeous sight to see.

Renowned for its sublime milky shimmer, it’s no surprise how moonstone got its name. It comes in a range of colours- pictured here are white, orange and grey.

Moons have featured as a motif in jewellery since time immemorial. One of the most elemental of symbols, man has always been captivated, if not guided, by the celestial sky.

The crescent moon symbol can be traced to the second millenium BC and is one of the oldest symbols known to man. Adornment will have been basic, and limited to the immediate world- both in terms of materials and inspiration.

The Victorians in particular were renowned for their use of symbolism in jewellery. Crescent moons were especially popular as they were associated with a moon goddess (and hence female empowerment). They also symbolise change- the moon’s phases from full to new, and back again not dissimilar to the ebbs and flows of life.

Moonstone Jewellery

The almost circular, but not quite complete element is timeless, enduring and inviting, and can be worn easily as a pendant, earrings, brooch, and even a ring. Given the strong shape, it can be be evocative simply in precious metal, but it truly comes to life set with stones, which give it colour and sparkle, and accentuate the shape.