Created in the UK

If you value artisanal skills and handmade jewellery, then a recent initiative by the NAJ (National Association of Jewellers) may be of interest to you.  A new hallmark “Created in the UK”, has been introduced to clearly identify jewellery made in Britain.

If you are considering buying or commissiong a piece of jewellery, or simply feel strongly about supporting local businesses and craftsmen who are the lifeblood of the British jewellery industry, keep your eyes peeled for this hallmark.

By law, when a piece of jewellery composed of precious metal is sold in the UK, it must be hallmarked to confirm the purity of the metal. However, this newly introduced mark confirms where it was made. A testament to its provenance.

The abrupt appearance and rapid spread of COVID-19 has left many businesses formerly dependent upon production from abroad exposed and vulnerable. It is entirely natural that they now review and possibly alter their supply chains. This is also an opportunity to showcase some of the many talented craftspeople based in Britain.

Our hand crafted, bespoke jewellery has always been produced by the finest local artisans. The skillset in the UK is outstanding. There is a centuries old, well defined and regulated masters and apprentices scheme, which ensures that precious skills are nurtured and retained. Like any industry, the jewellery sector is dynamic, and utilises a healthy mix of technology and age-old craft. The refining of techniques has also led to a reduction in waste.

We have a network of extraordinary artisans which include: wax carvers, lapidaries, fine gemstone merchants, award winning engravers, setters, mounters, jewellery illustrators, goldsmiths and silversmiths.

The old saying “if you don’t use them, you lose them” has rarely been more significant.