When it comes from the heart.

A jewel box undeniably creates a unique sense of anticipation- for both the person presenting the gift and the beneficiary. Eyes focused on the box, breath held, the tingle of expectation before revealing the treasure inside.

Irrespective of the occasion- a declaration of love, a proposal, a thank you or a significant celebration, the tantalising mystery of what’s inside is integral to the joy of the occasion.

And the heart may be yours…

Paradoxically, a jewellery box continues to thrill when we self purchase. Despite knowing what’s inside, the pleasure of being rewarded with something special chosen by you, that you have earned, is fulfilling and gratifying.

Of course an empty box just looks lonely. If you need inspiration, then have a wander through the boutique, or don’t hesitate to get in touch for assistance and advice. 

Big plans for the 14th? Need help?

If you have big plans for Valentine’s Day and would welcome some advice, there is plenty of helpful guidance on the website blog. Technical tips on the importance of quality of cut in diamonds can be found via this link. If you’re still in doubt, just get in touch and we’d be happy to help.