Like everything we do, a lot of love, thought and attention was channelled into developing and refining the Jacqui Larsson Fine Jewellery logo. We worked with the marvellous Bina Tarulli of Nuova Creative whose inventive and imaginative flair seamlessly integrated the fundamental values and heritage of the brand into a deceptively simple visual.

The Inspiration

In its most elemental form, the logo is a carob seed, which has enormous significance for historical gemstone trading. Gemstones are sold according to weight, and prior to the evolution of modern scales, gemstone traders used the dried seeds from the carob tree as a counter measure as they consistently and reliably weighed 0.2g.

The term “carat”, which is the unit of measurement used to weigh gemstones, is a derivation of the word “carob”. Consequently, a one carat stone weighs 0.2g. It is a common misconception that the term carat denotes size, when in fact it represents weight. The humble carob seed is inextricably linked to gemstones and the heritage of gemstone trading.

A nod to the environment

However, the logo is so much more than that. It has an obviously organic form which acknowledges the inseparable link that jewellery has with nature. Every component of a piece of jewellery- the precious metals, the gemstones and organic gems are a gift from our planet. Respect for the environment is one of our core principles.

With a little personalisation…

The seed also cleverly incorporates Jacqui’s initials, and gives the impression of two hands gently clasped. The personal experience of creating of a piece of jewellery is a journey- a collaboration and exchange of ideas, and this image neatly juxtaposes all of these core elements.

The choice of colour was deliberate. Green is reassuring on a primitive level- we equate it with life. It is associated with nature, balance and harmony. The deeper purply-plum psychologically evokes refinement and luxury, staple qualities of fine jewellery. The fact that purple and green were colours embraced by the suffragette movement is a happy coincidence, as the brand specifically supports and embraces female empowerment and independence.

As for the font, it is the elegant and streamlined Semplicità. It perfectly encapsulates just about everything Jacqui loves in design; elegant simplicity, stripping away the non essential to achieve perfect form and function. Practical beauty is a must- there is little point in having a font that is difficult to read, or jewellery which looks great but is uncomfortable to wear. It’s exactly the same principle.