We are vocal supporters of the London Assay Office (LAO), the organisation which independently tests and hallmarks jewellery to verify the fineness of the metal. It is one of the oldest forms of consumer protection, and it is estimated that at least a third of jewellery sold online is unhallmarked and not what it claims to be.

So we were delighted and proud that the LAO chose to feature our hand crafted ear clip on their website and their industry newsletter. It was particularly significant that the chap who sampled the ear clip had been deaf since birth, and had worked at the LAO for forty years- demonstrating their vision and willingness to embrace disability years ago.

Hearty congratulations are also due to our client, Olesja Grant, who was recently featured on the BBC’s “Fake Britain” series, highlighting the dangers of purchasing hearing aids from non-legitimate sources.

If you would like further information on her quest to de-stigmatise hearing loss and hearing aids, please contact us.

Hallmarking on jewellery is required by law. For more information on understanding the hallmarking process and what the marks mean, please refer to this blog.