Jewels of love

Almost every significant personal occasion is celebrated with jewellery. Engagements, weddings, the birth of a child, significant birthdays and anniversaries.

Nothing speaks the language of love like jewellery- the anticipation of an unopened jewel box, the tingle of excitement as the lid opens to reveal the treasure nestling inside. If you find it difficult to express those three magic words, let us do the talking for you.

There are several instantly recognisable motifs which are universally adored- the most obvious being the heart.

Circle of Life jewellery embraces themes of life, love and eternity- no beginning or end so is a natural choice when expressing enduring love.

Eternity can be expressed through jewellery in a multitude of ways. Ever popular eternity rings are available in an enormous variety of styles: channel set, bar set, claw set, rubbed over, pavé… and if you love colour, there are a multitude of gemstones that you can incorporate into eternity rings.

Tennis bracelets, formerly referred to as “line” or “eternity” bracelets, drape beautifully over the wrist and are another popular choice. These are one of the few pieces of jewellery which the wearer gets to see and appreciate whilst it is being worn.

Jewels of Love heart pendant

Jewellery styles evolve over time, and designs are re-interpreted and tweaked to stay fresh and relevant. A great example of this is “Toi et Moi” rings (You & Me), which are contemporary & chic, and beautifully symbolise a shared future. Probably one of the most romantic of all pieces of jewellery, you can read why here.

The “Kiss Me Hug Me” earrings are irreverent, playful and embrace a sense of fun. They can be worn in the same ear, or one in each.

Our exclusive collection of angels need no introduction and are divine (pardon the pun).

It is difficult to imagine a more unusual, endearing or eye-catching pendant which you can appreciate it simply for being gorgeous or loved because of its significance. Angels are present in every faith and mythology as a source of comfort and guidance, or an intermediary of divine communication. Universally considered benevolent and protective, it is not surprising that they are considered good luck. These can be made to order and customised to a high level of detail. They speak volumes- what a lovely sentiment to bestow on someone special.

Jewels of Love Kiss Hug necklace
Jewels of Love Angel Pendant

If you’re still stuck for inspiration, perhaps you’d like to take advantage of our Complimentary Concierge Service, and we can research other options for you.