Organising a wedding is an exciting and busy time. It’s a celebration of a future life together. The bridal gown, the integral foundation of a bride’s style, largely dictates the choice of accessories- and jewellery for brides is the essential finishing touch which personalises and elevates a bridal look from conventional to radiant.

Finding the right jewellery is fun, and pearls and diamonds are a great place to start. Diamonds need little introduction. Their supreme hardness, sparkle, scintillation and fiery spectrum of colours make them the perfect choice for all occasions.


Diamonds are a girl’s best friend, and like a good marriage, will be forever.

If you’re wearing your hair up or back, statement earrings are a must. The impact and versatility of the Al Coro Diamond and White Gold Earrings makes an enticing choice. The quality of craftsmanship is exceptional and all the diamonds are hand set. The organic-shaped suspended drops are detachable, so they can move seamlessly from a striking pair of earrings to a simple diamond hoop.

Diamond bracelets are unsurprisingly a popular choice and can be made to order. Our 9.8ct gem quality (F+, VS+) Asscher cut diamond bracelet is an astonishing and striking piece of jewellery (POA). A splash of sparkle can also be achieved with a diamond set bangle- the Channel Set Baguette Diamond Bangle is a perfect example, or the streamlined White Gold and Diamond Bangle. Both represent beautiful pieces which can be worn and loved indefinitely.

Simple diamond studs are an elegant option, and a diamond pendant enhances the neckline of the gown. The Diamond Circle of Life Necklace features alternating round and baguette diamonds.

The motif is a powerful and instantly recognised symbol embracing themes of life, love and spirituality. It is a particularly potent symbol of eternity on a wedding day.

circle of life diamond necklace

Luxury Pearl Jewellery for Brides

Our premium range of gem quality Akoya pearls are an investment for the future and will bring pleasure for years after your wedding day. The quality of these pearls is immediately obvious. Their perfect shape, incredible lustre and blemish free surfaces represent the finest gem quality pearls.

Earrings are a natural place to start, and can be as simple or opulent as desired. Pearl studs can be a minimal, enchanting option. If you prefer something with a dash of glamour, pearls and diamonds are perfect partners.

Affordable Jewellery for Brides

Freshwater pearls typically represent great value for money and are often available set in either 9ct white gold or sterling silver to accommodate the most challenging of budgets.

A contemporary interpretation on a classic earring, the Pearl and White Gold C-Shaped Earrings feature two freshwater pearls- one set on an 18ct gold post which nestles in the lobe, and the second, larger pearl is suspended just below. Seeming to float.

A more accessibly priced version of these earrings are the C-Shaped White Pearl & Sterling Silver Earrings, which feature button pearls set in sterling silver.

The Tear Drop Pearl and Diamond Earrings are a more classic earring, which are elegant and timeless.

If simplicity is key, the Sliding Pearl Chain is an affordable and contemporary pendant option.

French Knot Earrings

Jewellery Which is Colourful and Versatile

As weddings become less bound by tradition, brides are increasingly opting for colour– in their engagement rings, earrings, floral bouquets and sometimes the bridal gowns. Interchangeable earring drops are an easy way to introduce a splash of colour, and are a contemporary platform offering infinite possibility.

Diamond hoop earrings provide a platform to suspend a vast array of interchangeable earring drops, and the choice can range in shape, size and colour, and be changed as quickly and easily as your lipstick.

Red is universally interpreted as the colour of love and passion, so our Rubellite Interchangeable Pear Drops are a striking option. If you favour chic with a twist, our 13mm Baroque Pearl Interchangeable Drop Earrings are a gorgeously romantic choice of a perfectly-imperfect gem.

There is an extensive range of choice, and as the drops are made to order, the options are only limited to your imagination.

Something Old, Something New, Something Borrowed, Something Blue.

A strong and intangible thread is unquestionably created with inherited jewellery. A connection which continues to bind us. Each piece tells a story.

A wedding frequently provides the perfect opportunity to re-imagine family jewellery. For inspiration on how jewellery can be transformed, we have some real life examples we can share with you.

Jewellery for Brides and Beyond

We appreciate that your wedding day is your wedding day. Probably one of the most personal and intimate days of your life. Jewellery is a language which speaks of many things, and the thing it most typically communicates is love.

Whether you’re exploring an engagement ring, wedding rings or an eternity ring, we have extensive experience working with skilled artisans to create unique and distinctive jewellery which conveys the essence of you.

Just as “A puppy is not just for Christmas”, nor should bridal jewellery be considered confined to just your wedding day. It should be loved and enjoyed for a lifetime- and beyond. It ultimately becomes the heirlooms of tomorrow.

To view a selection of wedding bands and other celebratory jewellery, you can view our range here.


Jacqui Larsson Fine Jewellery Bar Set Baguette and Rounds Diamond Platinum Eternity Ring

A flick through a bridal magazine, wedding website or social media account usually emphasises the bride’s experience on a wedding day. However, let’s not forget that rather important chap hovering in the background and also appearing in the photos…

For those of you who appreciate paying attention to the small details and go the extra mile, customised cufflinks for grooms offers an opportunity to put the finishing touches on the entire bridal party. For more information on personalised cufflinks, we also have options for grooms.

We have an extensive range of options, not all featured on the website. If you have any enquiries, please don’t hesitate to contact us and we can explore the world of possibility with you for your very special day.