Gift Guide

Finding inspiration for unique, personal and heartfelt gifts can be challenging. Which is why we go to so much trouble to source items not available elsewhere.

We have prepared a guide by budget to help navigate your choice. All items are independently hallmarked for your assurance. Last online orders to ensure punctual delivery by 17th December.

Our extensive range of ready to wear collections are available online for immediate dispatch.

Gifts less than £300

You don’t have to compromise your values or your budget. All items set with diamonds, and a snip at under £300.

Gifts less than £400

A range of diamond set pieces which can be mixed and matched effortlessly with other pieces of jewellery. Perfect for layering.

Gifts less than £500

Pieces with creative flair, beautifully crafted and unusual.

Gifts less than £700

Diamond set pieces with inspired design and quality craftsmanship.

Gifts less than £1,000

 An exclusive range of beautiful and eclectic gifts featuring coveted gem materials.

Blow the budget…

For the more extravagant purchase, only something which makes a statement will do.

Still struggling?

Our complimentary concierge will happily do the work for you. This is a sample of our extensive range available.

We have an extraordinary network of industry contacts which enables us to source a vast array of items at short notice. Please don’t hesitate to contact us to source the perfect gift on your behalf.