Discover a world of versatility with brooches

How to wear a brooch

Brooches are re-emerging on the catwalk. We have a theory that there is a reticence in embracing them simply due to a lack of confidence and creativity in how or where to wear them.

They have so much more potential than being consigned to the lapel of a jacket- and are far more versatile than you think. You’ll notice from these images that the bigger the brooch, the better. A large brooch makes a statement. This single piece of jewellery speaks volumes requiring no other embellishment. You get to dictate what that statement is by how and where you wear it. This is your personal jewellery style.

We have compiled a few contemporary and imaginative ideas to get you going- just find one (or more) that resonates with you:

  • wear them on a choker around your neck (Blake Lively illustrates this look beautifully). They look modern and fabulous, although the idea is vintage;
  • if you have long flowing locks that you wear up in a “do”, weave a brooch (or two) into your hair. It looks amazing;
  • if you have an evening gown with a low back, a brooch makes a striking and unexpected appearance on the back of a dress;
  • the waist of a dress is so often under-utilised. If you have a dress which has a block colour, a brooch can bring it to life;
  • attach them to a hat. Hats which feature stiff fabrics usually incorporate a ribbon band which can be used to pin a brooch. Failing that, a scarf can be wrapped around the hat  be embellished with a brooch; or
  • rather than knotting a scarf, secure it with a fabulous brooch.

Nicole Kidman and Gwen Stefani effortlessly illustrate how striking a brooch can look in unconventional ways.

The Victorians were really resourceful in how they used jewellery, and many pieces could be dis-assembled into component parts. Brooches can often double as pendants, or seamlessly become an integral part of other jewellery. For example, they look striking when attached to ropes of pearls.

There is a fabulousness to brooches.  

They can be as ostentatious or eccentric as you want them to be, and can elevate the the most humble of items to a showstopper.

With a little thought and ingenuity, and you can explore lots of creative ways to wear a brooch, and it will reflect your own personal jewellery narrative.

If you have unused jewellery that you no longer wear, or inherited pieces that could do with a refresh, this could be an opportunity to explore the hidden wonders of the world of brooches.

If you would like to explore these ideas and would welcome discussing it with a stylist, please get in touch!