Creating your Dream Engagement Ring

Engagement rings are a promise to a shared future and very often the most expensive single piece of jewellery a couple will purchase in their lifetime. This can seem overwhelming, so it is natural to research how to save FOR and ON an engagment ring.

As the ring inevitably becomes an heirloom, it is an outlay which is enjoyed indefinitely- the gift that keeps on giving from one custodian to the next.

how to save on an engagement ring
how to save on an engagement ring

How Much Should I Spend?

Historically, tradition dictated that the groom should spend a month’s salary on an engagement ring, although this practice is largely outdated. The amount spent should be dependent upon personal financial circumstances and how importantly jewellery features in your life.

The magnificent properties of diamond ensure that it continues to be the most favoured stone for engagement rings. The hardest (by a considerable margin) of all natural gemstones, its spectacular lustre and distinctive flashes of colourful spectral light make it particularly alluring- and enduring.

how to save on an engagement ring

Practical Ways to Save on the Ring

how to save on an engagement ring

Semi-set Mount

Available in a range of styles, this is a ring which has been pre-set with diamonds on the shoulders or as a halo, ready to accommodate a centre stone which can be selected separately.

This offers a hybrid between bespoke and ready to wear jewellery as there is still some scope for customisation.

Fancy Cuts

All other factors being equal, round brilliant cut diamonds have the strongest price per carat (ppc) of all diamond cuts. Familiiarise yourself with  some of the gorgeous fancy shapes as they are priced more affordably. We are currently experiencing unprecedented demand for ovals and pears.


Consider a coloured gemstone as the centre stone as they are typically cheaper than diamonds. It is imperative that hard and durable stones suitable for everyday use are selected. Please contact us for more advice.


Every single characteristic of a diamond has a direct impact on price- carat (weight), cut (quality and style of cut), colour and clarity. Decide which is most important to you, and consider compromising one or more of the less prioritised criteria to get the most value from your budget.

Price Points

All stones are sold according to weight (carat). Familiarise yourself with price-sensitive trigger points where the ppc jumps sharply. For more guidance, please get in touch.

Lab Grown

If you feel strongly about having a diamond ring but struggling with budget, laboratory grown diamonds are cheaper than natural diamonds. They have exactly the same physical and optical properties but are mass produced in a factory rather than mined. But be forewarned, they have little or no secondary value.


Incorporate stones from old or inherited jewellery. Once removed from the setting, stones can be re-polished to restore sharp facet edges and lustre- they will look new. This adds a poignancy to the ring as well as reducing the cost.


Be sensible and honest about your budget, and don’t feel pressured to move beyond it. A good jeweller will always explore options with you, and boundaries often produce great creative results.

how to save on an engagement ring
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how to save on an engagement ring
how to save for an engagement ring

How to Save for the Ring

Planning in advance of a proposal enables you to save over a period of time. Allocating an affordable amount each month to a separate account provides a visible reminder of your goal.

This also gives you time to discreetly discover what your partner is looking for in a ring. 😉

If you need some flexibility with financing the purchase, enquire if retailers offer adaptable buying options as an alternative to resorting to credit. Ordinarily they will require a deposit to secure the order, and the residual amount can be paid over an agreed period of time. The ring will be released once fully paid.

We are specialists in designing and creating engagement rings and all wedding jewellery. Jewellery is all about storytelling. The story of you. Designing something unique which represents you as a couple. Let us support you draft that first paragraph. Start your journey today by getting in touch.