My Family” personalised family ring is a conceptual rather than prescriptive design, which makes sense as no two families are the same. Think about the families that you know- they will be different sizes and have different dynamics. That’s what makes your family, your family, and jewellery can be designed to celebrate this uniqueness in a very personal way.

The Design of Our Personalised Family Ring

The design of our personalised family ring is limited only by your imagination. What distinguishes this ring is the potential to customise something completely unique to your situation. For example, the number of bands used can be varied, the width and profile of the bands can be chosen, as can the colour of the metal. Subject to availability, the bands can be set with stones of your choice. All engraving is done by hand, so can feature any font or style.

Meeting the Needs of Your Family

The concept of our personalised family ring recognises that families come in all shapes and sizes. It is not confined to how many children you have- you may have grandchildren, nieces and nephews or siblings that you would like to celebrate.

It’s all about you and the special, unique relationship that you have with your family. The ring can also honour or remember someone special in a very personal way.

Bespoke and Personalised

Our bespoke service is distinguished by the time we invest with our clients. Listening to their stories, their needs, their desires, and paying attention to what they would like their jewellery to convey.

Your involvement in the design process ultimately produces jewellery which speaks of you and your family. This freedom enables you to explore a vast array of options when creating the personalised family ring. The result is a ring that has been designed just for you, so it is exactly how you would want it.

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How Our Personalised Family Ring is Produced

These beautiful bespoke rings are made entirely by hand and to order, so the possibilities are endless. A preliminary discovery meeting, either in person or via Zoom, will explore what you have in mind and the options of how this can be achieved. Ideas will be presented in either a digital render or a hand-painted gouache artwork. You will be intimately involved from preliminary planning to the final design.

If you would like to know more about how we can create something for you, then please do get in touch today.