Ethically sourced gemstones

There are lots of ways that you, as a consumer, can make a real difference by the choices you make. It is estimated that approximately 75-80% of coloured gemstones are mined by small artisanal miners, who lead a largely hand to mouth existence.

Moyo Gemstones is a fabulous initiative driven by ethical gemstone suppliers who have long advocated safe and fair priced gemstone trading. Moyo champions responsibly sourced gemstones recovered by female miners of Tanzania via an accountable supply chain. Stones are literally tracked from the mine to market.

The supply chain for coloured gemstones is complex and fragmented, low tech and mines area typically challenging to access. So to accomplish real change requires the co-operation of many parties.

This included:
  • the know how, contacts and resources of PACT, an established local NGO, who also facilitated mobile payments to securely avoid the use of cash.
  • The Tanzanian Women’s Mining Association (TAWOMA), which is a recognised association whose members are legal and licensed miners.
  • Chicago Responsible Jewelry who raised funds to purchase personal protective equipment.
  • the essential introduction of skills and education, which included health and safety training and equipment, and guidance on how to identify and distinguish between rough stones. This is vital so that miners can appreciate the true value of the material and be appropriately compensated.
  • Everledger, the blockchain technology partner.

The first sale of the Moyo initiative resulted in miners receiving almost 95% of the value paid for the gems, rather than the traditional 5-10%. What an astonishing result.

If you’re curious about the significanace of the name, “Moyo” is Swahili for heart, or spirit.

For more information on how you can make a difference when buying jewellery, the conscious consumer blog provides a variety of options.

For additional enquiries, or more information on this life changing initiative, please contact us directly.