Jewellery lovers, it cannot have escaped your attention that ear jewellery is BIG. Literally and metaphorically.

This is hardly surprising. Your face is the focal point of any social interaction (particularly if Zoom is your lockdown platform of choice). Your ears are an extension of your face, so any adornment is immediately noticed.

A number of key trends have emerged, and we will discuss the general themes and suggest how you can explore these looks in both significant and discrete ways, and affordably.

This is a long read. So, get yourself a drink, settle in, and prepare to feast your eyes.

Statement Earrings

Statement earrings have been notable for a couple of seasons and require little introduction. They are such an easy way to look glamorous. They create immediate impact, usually due to size, but also a combination of design, materials, texture, craftsmanship and colour. They do not need to be expensive. Eye catching costume jewellery can also be effective.

Recent catwalks have been promoting single statement earrings. This particular look may not necessarily appeal to everyone- unorthodox asymmetry would need to be part of your jewellery narrative. Our eyes are trained to seek balance, so anything which challenges this immediately draws attention, which may be your objective.

Statement earrings are the ultimate in simplicity which require no other embellishment- and certainly nothing around your neck as this would diminish the impact of the earrings.

Non matching or asymmetrical Earrings

In many respects, these are also statement earrings. However, there is one characteristic which sets them apart. They are deliberately non-matching or asymmetrical. They will very often be linked by a common theme. 

The Chaumet earrings pictured above are a masterclass in non matching earrings. They clearly belong together, but are different in many respects. Obviously the pear cut stones have distinctly different colour. However, the closer you observe the intricate design, the more you will notice that they are different in almost every respect. Respect.

Few of us have that sort of budget, but you can create impact affordably. A good example is this pair of striking costume earrings featuring a bird and foliage. Each earring is unique, but they clearly belong together.

The concept does not have to be complicated- it can be very elemental, exploring simple variations like colour, cut or shape. The pair of mandarin garnet and lagoon tourmaline harlequin earrings below is a great example of this principle. It can also been explored very effectively with different coloured and sized pearls.

Multiple piercings

One of the biggest trends to emerge has been multiple piercings. With a little imagination, you can curate/create looks with a theme. Consider varying the colour of precious metals. This is perfect for non-matching/asymmetrical experimentation and combining earrings which aren’t natural partners to create interest.

If you would like to access the look but don’t fancy additional piercings, there are a couple of options. You can wear an ear cuff (pictured left), or an earring which gives the illusion of multiple piercings (the double diamond hoop in rose gold).

hugs and kisses earrings
hugs and kisses earrings
rose gold double hoop earrings

It is possible to seamlessly combine all these themes- statement earrings accessorised with non matching secondary earrings- for example, a small diamond bar and diamond hoop. It is an effortlessly chic look, which is distinctive and personal.

Ear Crawlers

Ear crawlers are a more recent (and welcome) addition to ear jewellery. The are contemporary and create maximum impact with minimum effort. They make full use of the shape of the ear lobe to draw attention and accentuate form. They very often incorporate organic themes or graduated elements. If you favour an edgy look, you can easily add an ear cuff.

rose gold ear crawlers

Ear Jackets

Ear jackets are composed of two parts- typically a stud worn in the lobe, and an accessory which slides onto the post with motifs which embellish the ear just below the lobe.

Detachable Drops

We have been advocating detachable drops for years. Suspended from a pair of hoops, they arguably allow you to personalise your look more than any other item as they offer flexibility and a variety of looks. You can let your imagination run wild- something simple like a beautiful baroque pearl, or a flash of colour with some red spinel hearts. The diamond-set peacock feathers are particularly original.

This flexibility allows you to change from simple to glamorous, to edgy… never committing to a single look, and having the option to alter it in minutes.

white gold hoop earrings medium

Hoops also allow you to work the mis-matched look without committing to it. A diamond briolette suspended from one ear and a skull from the other… you can change your look as quickly and easily as your lipstick- and you can’t ask for much more than that.