Decluttering jewellery tips

One of the silver linings of the lockdown is that we have an unexpected opportunity to spend time on tasks which have forever been put to one side. So if you have been seized by an urge to spring clean and de-clutter, then include your jewellery box in the purge. Now is a time for renewal.

This can present some difficult decisions, which can be emotional. But the process is also quite cathartic. Jewellery inextricably links us to people, places and events, so it is only natural that you take an unexpected wander down memory lane.

You may have inherited jewellery which was styled in an era which doesn’t appeal to you. Or other pieces may have lost your interest as your taste has changed over time. You may even discover forgotten about treasures.

Expectations are that we will experience a burst of creativity during this forced confinement, so direct it towards re-imaging something wonderful with your jewellery- sometimes something as simple as a different setting can revolutionise its appearance.

If you have pieces that always lurk in the back gathering dust, then now is the time to make some decisions. Can you re-vitalise them in some way?  Can some stones be re-purposed for something different- create a pendant or an engagement ring for a close relative? Maybe it’s time to consider gifting a piece to someone special so that it can be enjoyed. Or if you are really disciplined and don’t see a future with a piece, then monetise it- sell it to a second hand dealer or for scrap. Precious metal prices are strong at present.

Make some tough decisions. Then you can bask in the glow of accomplishment, knowing that you can tick something off your “to do” list.