Colourful jewellery

Colour is uniquely evocative, communicating emotions or aspects of your character. There is unquestionably a psychology of colour. This was used to great effect in the movie “The Shape of Water”, which almost exclusively used a green palette throughout to convey a sense of progress and open mindedness. All characters and locations which embraced these qualities were depicted almost entirely in shades of green. Effective use of colour is an art form.

The Art of Colour in Jewellery

Not surprisingly, this concept also applies to jewellery, where colour can be used to great effect in the design process. Undeniably emotive, the colour red is inextricably associated with love and passion; blue channels tranquillity and truth; and green is historically linked to nature and peace. Most of us have colour palettes which we naturally gravitate to- and this can also be exploited with jewellery.

Here is a great illustration of how varying colour can transform the appearance of the same ring:


The ring on the left features a deep London blue topaz as the centre stone, with vibrant tsavorite garnets, iolites and pale blue topaz in a halo surround. This eclectic colour scheme is intensified by the rose gold setting. 

The ring on the right uses a less conventional pairing of green and pinks to create a striking statement. The Green Quartz, Tourmaline and Pink Sapphire Cocktail Ring features an apple-green prasiolite centre stone surrounded by deep green tourmalines, pink sapphires and pink amethyst. The rose gold setting makes the composition truly sing.

Both rings make a bold impression- equally effective but by using vastly different colour palettes.

Cocktail rings are extremely versatile and can be worn just as easily with a a pair of jeans as with an evening gown. If you’d like to read more about “What is a Cocktail Ring” and how the concept evolved, we have a fabulous blog with the backstory.

diamond and turquoise pendant
gold sun pendant necklace

Effective use of colour is not confined to rings and can be beautifully illustrated with our sun pendants. The Turquoise and Diamond Sun Pendant Necklace features the sublime, milky turquoise at its centre, surrounded by diamonds set in white gold. The same pendant featuring Lapis Lazuli and Diamonds in yellow gold is a warmer interpretation. The colours of the gem material and the gold fundamentally alter the appearance of the pendant.

The masterful use of colour can also enhance the colour of gemstones. A sublime example is this bespoke pink tourmaline and diamond ring. The use of the warm, peachy rose gold centre collet intensifies the dusty pink tourmaline. The white diamonds were naturally set in platinum to emphasise the collection quality stones.

Effective Use of Colour isn’t Confined to Gemstones

Simply changing the colour of gold can alter the appearance of jewellery. This striking architectural ring from Al Coro needs no other embellishment- the choice of gold alone dictates essence of the ring

18ct yellow gold ring

Variety of Colour in Earrings

Colour and design work hand-in-hand. Harlequin designs are particularly impactful as they are symmetrical, but non-matching. This inevitably makes people look twice. Our Lagoon Tourmaline and Mandarin Garnet Harlequin earrings are genuinely one of a kind- the luscious minty lagoon tourmaline can no longer be easily sourced. Paired with the fiery mandarin garnet, the contrast creates a striking combination.

If you value the flexibility of varying colour, interchangeable drops offer infinite possibility. Diamond hoops are the foundation to suspend a variety of interchangeable drops, which are available in a myriad of options.

Never confined to a single colour, you can change the drops as quickly and easily as your lipstick.

Rubellite Pear Earring Drops are a sumptuous red tourmaline which have been set in black rhodium to dramatically intensify the colour. They can be swapped for the acid green Peridot and Yellow Gold Drops in the blink of an eye. As these interchangeable drops are made to order, you are only limited by your imagination.


interchangeable earring drops
rubellite earrings
peridot gold drop earrings
peridot gold drop earrings

The bold use of colour says something about you, and how you use it is one aspect of your unique language of jewellery. If you know which colours speak to you and of you, we can introduce you to a colourful world of opportunity.

If you would like to discuss how colour can be used to personalise jewellery, please get in touch.