Christmas means different things to different people, but the common thread is usually precious time with family. We don’t always have the capacity to research, buy and wrap gifts. To do it properly takes time- and this is a precious commodity that is often in short supply when we need it the most.

If this sounds like you- struggling for time or inspiration, then our complimentary jewellery concierge is here to help.

Whether it’s searching for something significant for a loved one, a thank you to a work colleague, or affordable stocking fillers, we’ve got you covered.

Our extensive network offers a vast array of choice and opportunity. We have a wealth of experience in identifying the perfect gift for the most discerning of people. This is what we excel at. You may even be searching for an indulgence for yourself. Irrespective of the remit, the process should be fun, and if you’re time-deprived, it usually feels like a chore.

We embrace the motto that “A burden shared is a burden halved”. So, our jewellery concierge service is designed to lighten your load.

A brief conversation is required to provide some direction. Let us know broadly what you have in mind, any particular likes or dislikes, and a budget. We will research the market and present a range of options for you. It is straightforward and effortless.

For smaller gifts, if your festive table is traditionally adorned with crackers, our Bespoke Christmas Crackers are a unique and unanticipated way to present a gift. How thrilling to discover a fabulous piece of jewellery nestling inside, rather than a plastic trinket! They can accommodate most jewellery items, including rings, earrings pendants, bracelets and cufflinks. Naturally, they come complete with a snap, party hat and cheesy joke.

How you present a gift can be just as important and memorable as the gift itself.

Elevate the role of Christmas cracker from party accessory to something truly unforgettable. It is this attention to details which is the difference between good and spectacular. For more information on bespoke Christmas crackers, please refer to contact us directly.