Today is International Chocolate Day and we have a zero calorie, guilt-free (sort of) way to get your chocolate fix, which will bring joy for more than just a few mouthfuls. And in order to please the most discerning of you, we have options.

There is an expansive array of gemstones which are available in a myriad of colours. Quartzes, a prolific gem material (which include amethyst, citrine and prasiolite), are also available in a brownish hue known as smoky quartz. An example of this is illustrated in the main feature image above. A warm brown coloured stone, it looks fabulous set in rose gold, and is plentiful and affordable.

Chocolate pearls

Not confined to minerals, the organic gem world also has chocolate treasures on offer. Some chocolate pearls are naturally coloured, but in the case of the pearl set pictured above, they have been treated to produce the golden brown hue.

This chocolate pearl, old cut diamonds and 18ct yellow gold pendant and earrings were created from stones re-purposed from an engagement ring. The client had a particular affinity for the colour brown, so the pearls were sourced especially for the commission.

And not a gram of cocoa in sight.

Chocolate diamonds

For those of you who like your jewellery to be more than a one trick pony and to offer a range of different looks, these earrings are perfect. They transform seamlessly from a pair of diamond hoops, to a striking statement with detachable drops (available separately) in 18ct rose gold set with chocolate diamonds. The contrast in colour adds a warmth to the sparkle, and the drops can be substituted with a range of other detachables.

Detachables allow you to let your imagination run wild and change your look as quickly and easily as your lipstick. Personalise your look with anything from baroque pearls, little ruby hearts, diamond briolettes, peridot pears… the list is endless.