January Blues? Yes, please!

If you’re a sun seeker rather than a snow bunny, the short, dark days of winter can be challenging. But it doesn’t have to be that way. Brighten up your day and your spirits with something blue- the colour of tranquillity and truth.

A Vast Choice of Blue Gems

There is a vast and varied choice of blue stones including sapphire, blue topaz, aquamarine, spinel, iolite, chalcedony, lapis lazuli, turquoise and Paraiba tourmaline- to name but a few. Some are transparent, others opaque.

It would be remiss not to mention the king of stones- diamonds. Blue diamonds are incredibly rare and notoriously expensive. However, pictured below are some (very affordable) treated blue diamonds, which are the most captivating, magical teal colour- reminiscent of an iridescent peacock blue. These would look spectacular set around a white diamond, and far more interesting than a conventional white diamond halo.

Blue Jewellery: Let’s Start with Rings

If your style is contemporary with an edge, then look no further than our Al Coro Blue Topaz, Rose Gold and Steel Ring. The matt black band provides a striking contrast to the dreamy cabochon topaz set within a rose gold rub-over setting. This is modern blue jewellery at its best.

And Move onto Pendants…

If instead, you’re dreaming of a beach with white sands and tropical waters, then our coveted turquoise pendants will have you reaching for a cocktail in no time flat.

Sublime, milky turquoise was one of the first gemstones to be mined, hence the long and deep connection for this magical stone in most cultures. Prized for its intense colour, it can vary from sky-blue to greenish-blue.

Our Turquoise and Diamond Butterfly Necklace is deliberately asymmetrical but perfectly balanced, and the sparkle of the diamonds intensifies the unique colour of the turquoise. The butterfly features 0.80ct composite turquoise and 0.25ct diamonds and is set in 14ct white gold. Playful, fun and irreverent, this is a truly beautiful necklace to be cherished.

Continuing the theme of turquoise, the Turquoise and Diamond Heart Necklace features one of the simplest but most universally recognised motifs- a heart. This needs little introduction and is enduringly popular. The perfect gift which speaks volumes.

If you’re really craving the sun, this can’t fail to lift your spirits – a Turquoise and Diamond Sun Pendant Necklace. Powerful, enduring and uplifting, the sun is a symbol with universal appeal.

If angular, geometric design lights your burners, you’ll be hard-pressed to find something more appealing than the Turquoise and Diamond Triangle Necklace. This striking pendant makes effective use of a simple shape and transforms it into a distinctive necklace with an edge.

Blue Jewellery for The Man in Your Life

A smart suited and booted gent pays attention to small details. An appreciation that cufflinks serve both a functional and aesthetic purpose means that with a little imagination, they can be personalised to convey a sense of style.

Cufflinks can be personalised in a myriad of ways. We work closely with a variety of artisans. The shimmery light created from enamelled surfaces cannot be replicated in any other material.

Our cufflinks are made to order, so can be customised to a range of colours and designs. If blue jewellery is high on your list, our Sterling Silver, Sapphire and Enamel Cufflinks are a beautiful example of fine craftsmanship. Featuring a cabochon sapphire in the centre, these cufflinks combine navy and cream enamel and have universal appeal.

Alternatively, a harlequin design can be elevated with a striking duck egg blue enamel. The Sterling Silver and Enamel Harlequin Cufflinks add a splash of colour to both casual and formal occasions.

Blue Jewellery beats the Blues

No need to lament the short days following the winter solstice. January will soon be a distant memory, but gorgeous blues are here to stay.