We are very selective about our partners- they need to share our passion for unique jewellery and have a history of quality craftsmanship. This enables us to present diverse collections which are unique and exclusive and largely customisable- in essence, a bespoke piece of jewellery from a ready to wear collection. This hybrid represents the ultimate opportunity to indulge in affordable luxury and personalise a piece to individual specifications.

A recent example was a client who was enchanted by one of our angel pendants. The angel which captivated her featured a green cabochon calcite body, green faceted tourmaline wings, a pink pearl head all set in 18 carat rose gold. Despite being drawn to it, ideally she wanted it adapted in a number of key ways:

  • the angel was to be significantly larger;
  • the preference was for white gold rather than rose, and therefore a white pearl rather than pink;
  • the appearance of more streamlined, bezel set wings; and
  • a splash of sparkle with a diamond set halo.

This is the sort of challenge that we thrive on, and given that we were starting from a blank page, we had the flexibility of choosing the stones.

Presented with a selection of stones, she settled on a pair of rich, deeply coloured blue-green tourmalines.

Bespoke Jewellery

The calcite was re-shaped to create the body, and the tourmalines were cut to size to become the “wings”. The client was presented with a digital rendering (which is extremely life-like) so that she was clear on the proportions and design of the intended piece. Once it was approved, production began.

You can appreciate the difference between the original angel and the final commission when you can see them together in the profile picture.


The change is quite remarkable.
Bespoke Jewellery

It is possible to alter the look of the pendant by simply changing the gold chain with a coloured, twisted cord. This gives it a playful, contemporary dynamic.

Secondly, It is possible to customise these angels in a variety of ways. You can contrast colour, shape, size and texture. For example, it is possible to have a body comprised of tiny faceted stones which twinkle and comprise a striking range of colours. If you are seeking something more discrete, the gentle curves of a polished cabochon stone may be more appealing. You can even elect to incorporate the subtly iridescent mother of pearl, which is the perfect partner for all gemstones.

In addition, the halos can be set with pavé set diamonds, as can the wings. You are literally only constrained by your imagination.

Bespoke Jewellery

It is difficult to imagine a more unusual, endearing or eye-catching pendant which you can appreciate it simply for being gorgeous or loved because of its significance. Certainly, angels are present in every faith and mythology as a source of comfort and guidance, or an intermediary of divine communication. Universally considered benevolent and protective, it is not surprising that they are considered good luck.

In conclusion, To discuss the possibilities of creating your own unique angel pendant, please contact us for more information.