Solid 18ct gold bangle

The Evolution Of A Gold Bangle

If you’ve ever been curious about how a bespoke piece of jewellery evolves, the creation of this solid 18ct gold bangle is a beautiful example of craft. As is often the case, it is the attention to detail and the preparation in advance of work commencing which is the difference between good and great.

It is essential to establish the wrist size, and the preferred size of the bangle. This is very personal and varies from one client to the next. Some opt for a snug fit, whilst others prefer a looser fitting. Consquently, the first step involved creating a low cost silver template to establish the ideal size and dimensions according to the client’s wrist size.

Once approved, an 18 carat solid gold bar was annealed (heated to soften and become workable) and then compressed and shaped through a rolling mill. It was repeatedly measured throughout this process to ensure accurate dimensions and to prevent over working. It was then formed into a rough preliminary shape.

Outstanding Craftsmanship Transforms Dreams Into Reality

The profile was subsequently refined on a bangle mandrel (a solid cone to shape metal). The clasp and the hinge were hand crafted and then the bangle was returned to the client for final size approval. This was essential prior to drilling equi-distant holes for setting the diamonds.

Once drilled, the diamonds were flush set and the bangle was laser hallmarked, polished and complete. As these are made to order, they are available in customised sizes, any colour gold and with a variety of gemstones. The solid 18ct gold bangle has a reassuring weight and a splash of sparkle from the diamonds.

These striking bangles are a testament to the skills of a variety of craftspeople, and are stunning worn alone or stacked with other bangles or bracelets.