“My Family” Ring

“My Family” ring is a conceptual rather than prescriptive design. The possibilities are endless and are as unique and personal as your family.

This particular ring was designed to celebrate a significant birthday, and features three bands of gold- all different colours, one to represent each of her children.

The colour of the band matches a piece of jewellery received when each child was born. ?

Each band features a flush set diamond and  the child’s name in a hand engraved font. 


The ring had great significance and had to speak of her children.

We often take inspiration from unlikely places, and in this instance, the client had three inexpensive rings that she wore stacked together, and they were used as her reference point.

We wanted to replicate this idea, but in a more intimate, personal and luxurious way. We explored several different design options until we found something balanced that resonated with her.


The Process

Once the design was final, the production was relatively straight forward. We produced three individual bands to precise size and profile specifications. They were filed and then soldered together to create a single ring. Holes were drilled for the diamonds and then the stones were flush set. After polishing, the final touch was to hand engrave the names.

Endless Possibility

The design of this ring is bound only by your imagination. The number of bands can be varied, the colour of metal can be chosen. Bands can be set with stones of your choice. Engraving can be any font and style.

The renders illustrate how flexible the concept can be. These examples explore altering the number and width of the bands, a five band ring incorporating a row of small carré diamonds, engraving with Roman numerals, splashing flush set sapphires across a band, and using colour to celebrate twin girls.

The “My Family” ring is all about your family, and families come in all shapes and sizes. The concept is not confined to children- you may have grandchildren, nieces and nephews or siblings you would like to incorporate. It is all about you and the special relationship you have with your family. There may be someone special you would like to honour or remember in a very personal way.

And this is how it feels to personalise jewellery…