Case Study
Tanzanite and Diamond Cocktail Ring

Client Remit

To design and create a bespoke ring to celebrate a couple’s 20th wedding anniversary.

The ring should be “light and airy” with as little metal visible as possible.

Creative Process

We met with the couple to discuss preliminary ideas and and commonalities between preferred designs. We also explored ways to personalise the ring, which included subtly including two “X”s (the Roman numeral for 10) to signify their journey together.

The original designs included the Xs on the shank. The final design incorporated them in the platinum collet supporting and securing the centre stone.


The client loves colour, and was enchanted by the striking unique ultra violet hue of tanzanite.

Once a rudimentary idea of design was formed, finding the right stone was the next step. The gemstone would be the ballast of the ring- the inspiration and he driving force of balance and proportion.

Stone Selection

A variety of fine quality tanzanites were inspected and reviewed before the client settled on a striking 5.35ct cushion cut.

Technical Drawings

Additional modifications were made to the drawings before final approval. These were the basis for digital renderings.

Preliminary Sketches

Six preliminary sketches were prepared- one of which was selected for more refined scaled technical drawings.

Digital Renderings

Digital designs are prepared which form the basis of the casting for the components of the ring. Production commences upon approval.

Hand Crafted

Following the casting of the component parts of the ring, the elements were soldered and the cut down setting done entirely by hand. This is extremely time consuming and takes great great skill.

Professional Images

Complimentary professional photographs are supplied with all our commission pieces. These are a testament to the beauty of the piece, as well as high resolution reference material for insurance policies.

And what did the client think of the ring and the bespoke process?


“My husband gifted me with a ring for our 20th wedding anniversary and we decided to go for a bespoke ring. Jacqui helped us navigate through the world of beautiful jewellery and we learnt so much along the way!

Jacqui has a lot of knowledge, patience and a very good eye for details. After choosing the most amazing stone together (tanzanite), we took time to agree on the design. We never felt rushed but felt very much listened to.

Jacqui understood straight away what I was looking for and made sure we went through all the different steps to create a very unique and most stunning cocktail ring.

I am delighted with my gift.”

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The output of the bespoke process is different for each client. What remains the same is the personalisation of the piece, peerless service, fine quality gemstones, attention to detail, and the exemplary craft.

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