Case Study
Asscher Cut Diamond Engagement Ring

Very often the most expensive piece of jewellery you’ll buy as a couple, an engagement ring is a promise to a shared future and conveys a sense of you as a couple.

It can be a tricky path to navigate, so expert and objective advice allows you identify your key priorities and make informed decisions about the design process. 

asscher cut diamond ring
asscher cut diamond ring

Create Your Own Style

This client has a chic, understated sense of style, and always opts for the road less travelled. Her style is effortlessly high quality luxe, and she prefers to define herself by having items which are eye catching but not conventional. A step cut diamond was the obvious choice. Simultaneously contemporary and timeless- and ultra chic.

The two step cuts which notably spring to mind were emerald cut diamonds and Asscher cut diamonds. She was drawn to Asscher cuts as they are beautifully proportioned and much more unusual.

Rather than partnering the centre stone with tapered baguttes (as is routine), we explored trilliant cuts- brilliant cut triangular diamonds. This created a beautifully balanced and striking ring, drawing the eye to the magnificant centre stone. And here’s how we did it.

Preliminary meeting

We met privately with the couple at the London Diamond Bourse and discussed in detail the characteristics of diamonds, how they are priced and some of the options for optimsing their budget. This included identifying their key personal priorities with the diamonds to source the best available stones.

We explored some design options which formed the basis of sourcing a range of stones for them to review before making a final decision.

Of key importance was creating a “wed-fit” engagement ring. This ensures that the wedding band and engagement ring sit snugly together without a gap.

asscher cut diamond ring

Stone Selection

This is always a particularly fun part of the process where we present the client with a range of pre-vetted stones varying in size, quality and price  to make their final decision. We are there to guide, advise and support, but the decision rests solely with the client.

Very often, for larger certificated diamonds, high resolution video is avaiable to share, so clients can view stones remotely if required. If you look carefully at the video below, you’ll notice the laser engraved certificate number reflected in a facet!

Please enquire if you would like to discuss this service further.

For multi stone rings, centre and side stones are simultaneously viewed to ensure that the final selection is balanced.

Finalise the Design

Once the stones were selected, digital renderings were created from exact measurements of the stones, and took into account intricate details such as the profile of the shank, the finger size and specific settings preferences. This manages expectations so that everyone involved in the ring is absolutely clear on the end result.

Production only commences upon approval of these images. 

These digital files also form the basis of casting the mount. This ensures that the finished piece exactly matches the approved design and also minimises wastage of precious metal.

The castings are soldered and refined prior to setting and polishing.

It is the attention to the small details which elevates jewellery from good to great, and it is the customised design phase which really personalises fine handcrafted jewellery.

Digital rendering to scale of the ring

wedding jewellery

Side view of the ring illustrating th stones and setting

Four digital perspectives, all to scale, which are used to cast the platinum elements

asscher cut diamond ring

Profile view to highlight the setting and illustrate that the band is “wed-fit”

asscher cut diamond ring

What our Client has to say about the Bespoke Experience

“From the moment that we met Jacqui, it was clear that she had a great depth of knowledge and passion for jewellery design. She took the time to fully understand what we wanted and why…

…she was the only person we trusted to deliver such a personal commission.”

asscher cut diamond ring
asscher cut diamond ring
asscher cut diamond ring
asscher cut diamond ring